Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Play offs results

It is very sad seeing this softball year going to its end and some teams not making it to the quarter finals, but that is the way it is, Every body gave the best on the field and had lots of fun. For the winners: good luck for the next weekend of quarter finals, these are last week results and pictures:

Phoenix 17 – Blue Jays 4
Cardinals 20 – Eagles 6
Falcons 11 – Hawks 6
Roadrunners 11 – Orioles 9

August 18 we will be playing again at Wilson park 
10:30 Phoenix vs Falcons
12: 30 Cardinals vs Roadrunners
2:30 - 3:00 Field Maintenance and break
Finals start at 3:00
Come to cheer our friends and make this weekend worth to tell your grand children!

OH! almost forgot, bring your money for the 40th Anniversary Banquet, remember you can come with guests (not your grand children, unless they're 18 and over) to enjoy the most anticipated celebration of 2019. Ticket sellers and banquet information in this link.