Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Cardinals, double champions!

 Another year sees its end for our League. Please see the results of the very close games of semi-finals and finals of the DMSL


Game 1  Cardinals 13 - Orioles 12

Game 2 Roadrunners 17 - Eagles 14


Cardinals 13 - Roadrunners 11

Congratulation to the Cardinals for being League Champions as well as Play-off Champions.

Monday, September 6, 2021

Scores from September 5

Please be aware of the health directives to assist any game as player, staff or to encourage the players.

Vaccine Passports will be required

Eagles 16 vs Phoenix 15

Roadrunners 17 vs Hawks 16

Semi-Finals September 12

10:00 am Cardinals vs Orioles

12:00 Eagles vs Roadrunner

Finals 3:00 pm. 

Vaccine Passports

 Vaccine Passports will be required starting September 7. If you have had your second vaccine we will start verifying your passport Sunday, in order to prepare for the finals next week. 

Here are the new guidelines that all sports groups must follow in the City's sports facilities, starting September 7, 2021.

In connection with the health measures issued on September 1 by Public Health and the directives of your sports federation, here are the rules in place at City of DDO for all outdoor and indoor activities organized to which are added the obligations related to the vaccination passport.

For sports and outdoor physical activities:

For supervised activities such as soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, football, rugby etc .:

Maximum: group of 50 participants (to which may be added officials, staff and volunteers)

Leagues and games allowed according to health guidelines related to the color tier

Competitions and tournaments authorized following the approval of the Sports and Recreation Department

  • The presence of spectators for a maximum of 500 people per facility is authorized if the spectators are seated in stands, bleachers or fixed places, otherwise a maximum of 50 people per facility is permitted. The attendance of spectators should be managed by the association or the client using the infrastructure.
  • Wearing a face cover is no longer mandatory outside, but recommended when the distance of 1 meter cannot be maintained
  • The vaccination passport is required for all participants 13 years of age and over for all physical activities involving frequent or prolonged organized contact practiced outdoors. The responsibility for verifying and ensuring compliance with this decree lies with the associations or the signatory of the rental agreement for the use of the infrastructure. The City reserves the right to check the vaccination passports of people present in its parks and facilities at any time.
  • The vaccination passport is not required for accompanying persons, coaches, officials, employees and volunteers for whom the CNESST rules apply.
  • The vaccination passport is not required for spectators if the capacity does not exceed the number of spectators allowed outside (50 spectators standing, 500 spectators seated).

For physical activities performed in free practice in public facilities such as tennis, pickleball, beach volleyball, basket ball, the vaccination passport is not required. Wearing a mask is however recommended if the distance of 1 meter between the participants cannot be maintained.