Captain's Guidelines

The following guidelines are provided to illustrate the proper behaviour and procedures expected from a captain during a game:

  • Only the captain(s) may dispute a rule with an umpire. The captain must prevent his or her player(s) from participating in any dispute.  Umpires will be expected to enforce this requirement, which is part of our rules. If you don't want your player ejected from the game, then prevent him or her from arguing!
  • There is a proper and improper way to question an umpire concerning mis-application of a rule, which is the only reason you should be arguing. The properway is to ask a question designed to flush  out the umpire's "incorrect"  knowledge of the rule.
  • DO NOT DISPUTE JUDGEMENT CALLS (especially when you think the umpire is completely wrong). Our rules do not allow you to question the judgement of any umpire, anyway.
  • Do not harass or bad mouth the umpires in any way before the game, during the game, or after the game. We have lost some umpires in the last few years because they could not take the abuse. They're only volunteers. 
  • There is a saying: "Don't sweat the small stuff". In other words, if its a minor thing, don't argue just for the sake of arguing. 
  • The captain of a team leads by example. Each captain has a responsibility to their team to conduct themselves appropriately. It is by this method that they should earn the respect of their fellow captains, teammates, and umpires.
  • Lineups: Try to prepare them the day before, if possible. For those of you who cannot do this, then insist your players show up early.