Standings and Game Results 2022

Standings Week 2
Standings Week 3
Standings Week 4
Standings Week 5
Standings Week 6
Standings Week 7
Standings Week 8
Standings Week 9
Standings Week 10 (Cancelled due heat wave)

Play offs, week 1, quarter-finals
Play offs, week 2, semi-finals and finals:

Semi-Finals game 1  Cardinals 13 - Orioles 12

Semi-Finals game 2 Roadrunners 17 - Eagles 14

Finals Cardinals 13 - Roadrunners 11

The DMSL uses the following ranking criteria for deciding tie-breaks: 
a) Record between tied teams.
b) Win-loss record between tied teams.
c) Plus-minus record of all runs scored between tied teams.
d) Plus-minus record of all runs scored during season.
e) Total runs scored.
f) Total runs allowed.