• The league is recreational, fun and reasonably competitive as opposed to highly competitive. Your own pitcher pitches to you (gimmee ball) and everyone plays defence at the same time (no benching).
  • A wide range of skill levels participate, however like most competitive sports vying for a championship trophy, a basic minimum reaction time, participant health, and participant on field skill level is required for the overall safety of the individual player and the other league participants.
  • We play at Spring Garden Park, Sonata St., Dollard des Ormeaux. Facilities include a children's playground and chalet (w/washrooms).
  • 8 teams (Expos, Cardinals, Eagles, Falcons, Ravens, Orioles, Phoenix, and Roadrunners) play once a week only on Sunday afternoons.
  • Season runs from late May to late August (10 game reg. season + playoffs).
  • Founded in 1979.
  • All teams advance to playoffs! 
  • Typical roster size: 16 players (approx. 11 to 14 men and 2 to 5 women per team).
  • All players are required to play in at least 6 out of the 10 regular season games.
  • If you don’t play in 5 games you may not be invited back for the following season.
  • A common replacement spares pool is available for all league teams. All spare request have to go through the President. Spares will be charged $5.00 per game.
  • Volunteer driven, i.e. no paid officials. Volunteers recognized at Banquet.
  • Banquet will be held in October and features an all-you-can-eat buffet, slide show of the season, audio-visual trophy presentation, door prizes, games and a DJ. 
  • Cost for 2024: $105.00 for DDO Residents, $115.00 for Non-residents.

    For more info, call or e-mail:
      President Chad Rabkin (514) 823-5866