Mandate & Principles


To provide a mixed recreational, competitive softball league with teams vying for the annual championship trophy to the residents of Dollard and other cities where the values of sportsmanship, fun, and camaraderie are held in high regard.


  1. Softball games will occur on Sundays; exceptionally (on occasion, near season’s end) the League may need to schedule some make up games on a Saturday
  2. The emphasis will be on recreational softball. Intense competition between teams is to be de-emphasized, however, as each of our teams compete for an annual sporting championship a certain acceptable level of competition is naturally expected.
  3. A team's own pitcher will pitch to his or her team.
  4. All players on a team's roster play defence at the same time.
  5. All teams must be scheduled to play each Sunday during the regular season (rainout make-up games excepted).
  6. All teams automatically advance to the playoff rounds.
  7. There must be no discriminatory rules or policies in effect based on gender, religion, race, etc. The only exception is that players must be aged 18 or over, because of insurance purposes.
  8. All players (and participants) must also be able to safely perform and compete at a level so as to not place themselves (or others) in danger during normal play.