Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tie-Break, ranking and quarterfinals

The DMSL uses the following ranking criteria for deciding tie-breaks:

a) Record between tied teams.
b) Win-loss record between tied teams.
c)  Plus-minus record of all runs scored between tied teams. 
d)  Plus-minus record of all runs scored during season.
e)  Total runs scored.
f)  Total runs allowed. 

1st Eagles
2nd Phoenix or Cardinals*
3rd Phoenix or Cardinals*
4th Orioles – prevail based on tie-break formula
5th Hawks
6th Falcons
7th Roadrunners
8th Bluejays

Aug 13, 2017 Quaterfinals
10:00 Eagles vs Bluejays
12:00 Phoenix or Cardinals* vs Roadrunners
2:00 Phoenix or Cardinals* vs Falcons
4:00 Orioles vs Hawks

*Pending on rained out game that will be held the 6th August