Captain's responsibilities

The following list of responsibilities applies to each captain:

  1. Assist league management in form and fee collection. On your roster sheet, you will see the latest updated status for each player in these two areas:
    -Registration forms
    -Dollard Mixed Softball League fees for 2018 DDO: resident $90.00, or $100.00 for non-resident.
    -Its  preferred e-transfers send email to, or by cheque. If paying by cash please come to the D.D.O Civic Centre
  2. Filling out and submitting the ONLINE Slo-Pitch National registration process for insurance purposes. For insurance purposes you can’t play until the waiver form is completed 
    NOTE: All players returning from last year will simply need to respond to an e-mailed link, only new players will have to fill out the full profile.
  3. Explanation of all rules to your players. Pre-Season is over so now we have umps who will apply the rules.
  4. Be encouraging to all players on your team. In addition, be responsive to player requests for playing a certain position (within reason, of course).  It is the Team Captains responsibility (with input from Umpires and/or The President) to restrict ANY player from certain positions, if that player’s safety at that position is a concern. Further, the Team Captains must inform The  President of any serious player safety concerns that should prevent that player from any league participation. Such cases will be examined by The League steering committee (all team Captains).
  5. Provide or arrange for technical assistance to your players when needed  The Captains May then provide the necessary expertise from experienced players within their own team, or request assistance from others by approaching The President.
  6. Have line-up submitted to scorekeeper before game time. It may help to remind players to arrive 15 minutes early for every game. Any player who shows up late and does not call their Captain will not play in that game. If this happens a second time, the player will not play in the game that were late for and will have a 1 game suspension. If this player is late a third time without calling your Captain, will be suspended the rest of the season.
  7. Ensure all players participate in end-of-game handshake. Sounds silly, but there is the occasional straggler.
  8. Lead by example in areas of sportsmanship. This is one of the most important aspects of being a Captain. People on your team look up to you, so your example counts for a lot.
  9. Treat all your players with respect. No verbal abuse of your players will be tolerated. You must also intervene if you see this occurring between players on your team.
  10. All captains are expected to conduct themselves "professionally" when disputing calls with umpires, also expected to treat all Executives, Captains and other teams with respect.